Goldenear Forcefield 4 Subwoofer

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Powerful bass from a unique-looking sub

GoldenEar’s award-winning ForceField Series delivers powerful bass with a lineup of space-efficient subs that are easy to fit into your system. Like its little brother, the ForceField 4 produces a surprising amount of low-end output for its size, letting you enjoy accurate, hard-hitting bass even if you have limited room. Its long-throw 10″ woofer is driven by the heavyweight power of a 1,200-watt RMS amplifier. And a down-firing 11″ x 13″ passive radiator further extends the sub’s low frequencies to infrasonic levels, helping you feel the high-impact rumble of your favorite movies and video games.

Smooth and responsive

The ForceField 4 doesn’t just hit hard — it also hits with precision. All the little details of the sub’s construction add up. The driver’s large motor and magnet assembly help it handle a ton of power for wide excursion with very low distortion. And the cabinet’s non-parallel walls minimize internal reflections and add rigidity for more accurate bass and a unique look. Soft, vibration-absorbing feet do more than keep the sub in place and provide noise isolation. They also maintain just the right distance between the floor and the passive radiator to maximize low frequency output.

Simple setup and control

Adding the ForceField 4 to your system is easy with a dedicated LFE input plus speaker-level inputs and outputs. A continuously variable low-pass crossover gives you control over what frequencies the sub is responsible for when using the speaker-level inputs. If you’re hooking up your main speakers through the speaker-level outputs, the fixed 150Hz high-pass crossover prevents you from damaging them with low frequencies. A volume dial makes adjustments quick and easy, letting you gently blend the sub into the rest of your system.

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  • Specifications

    • built-in 1,200-watt RMS digital amplifier
    • DSP (digital signal processing) monitors the signal in real time for clean, precise bass
    • bass reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
    • front-firing 10″ long-throw woofer
    • 11″ x 13″ quadratic planar down-firing passive radiator
    • can be placed inside a cabinet or cavity with at least two inches of front clearance
    • LFE input (line-level mono-RCA) for use with a home theater receiver’s sub output
    • speaker-level inputs and outputs
    • frequency response: 14-250 Hz
    • high-pass filter: 150 Hz
    • low-pass filter: 40-150 Hz
    • 13-3/8″W x 13-1/8″H x 17-7/8″D
    • weight: 32 lbs.
    • warranty: 5 years (woofer); 3 years (amp)