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Home Theater Setup

Custom Installations by Design

HiFi Buys is a full-service entertainment system provider. This means we can help build your project from the time you start building your home, remodeling, or finishing a basement. We work with designers to help plan an entertainment or living space that fits your wants and needs.

Whether you want a full-scale home theater or a room that can transform into a home-theater-like experience, we’ve got you covered.

Home Theater Setup

Sound Experts You Can Trust

Our staff not only specialize in the hardware—we also handle electrical work and complex installation projects.

Whether a customer wants a TV to drop from their ceiling or wants to install screens into mirrors in their bathrooms, we have experts on board to find a solution.

Home Theater Setup

A Better Viewing Experience

Have you ever wanted to watch 4 games at once? Now you can! Our projectors can now display 4 pictures on one screen. This gives the illusion of 4 high-def TVs with only one projection system and screen.

Our team can distribute the necessary audio to give the user a movie theater audio experience.

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