HiFi Buys: A Nashville Original

HiFi Buys opened in the fall of 1977.

We had two locations, one in Madison and one on Nolensville Pike near what is now the Nashville Zoo. In the early days, we focused on high-end stereos, VCRs, TVs, CD players, and all types of audio gear. We did a bit of car stereo work with one install bay. We didn’t do installation or deliveries, strictly retail.

HiFi Buys 1970s Staff Photo


Between 1985 and 1990, HiFi Buys opened stores in Rivergate, Paddock Place, and Elliston Place and closed the Madison location. We launched one of the first custom home installation companies in Nashville, Audio Video Contracting. In 1991, we realized that managing four stores and 52 employees was taking all the fun out of what we loved, so we expanded the Nolensville Pike location and closed the other retail locations.

Since then, we have evolved into four separate divisions.

We have a veteran retail sales floor staff, a car stereo shop with national recognition, and a cutting-edge custom home division. And we are excited to be launching the 4th division soon: online sales.

Our single location offers us flexibility and efficiency that has permitted us to flourish while most stereo stores have closed nationwide. Many of our associates have been with us for over 30 years—to say we have experience would be an understatement. Our commitment to customer service and offering the absolute best products at the very best price will guide our future.

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